Hints and tips

Voice messaging

  • If your mailbox is empty when checking your messages you will hear two rings before connecting. You can hang up during this period without incurring any call charges.
  • Organise your thoughts. Be clear, concise, and succinct. The result is a shorter and more understandable message.
  • It can be helpful to state at the beginning of your message what it is regarding e.g. 'message regarding August training dates:'
  • Update your personal greeting regularly. Use your greeting to keep your callers informed. For example, if your are in meetings all day advise the caller you will not be returning calls until the evening or the following day.
  • Don't let messages pile up.
  • One subject per message.

Conference calling

  • Make sure you are in a quiet location where you will not be disturbed.
  • Be on time or early
  • Introduce yourself when you begin speaking. Others may not know your voice
  • Try to stay on schedule. Issue an agenda before the meeting and try to stick with it
  • End the call clearly. Make sure all the participants know the meeting is formally over.
  • How to prevent sound quality problems:
    • Avoid speakerphones as they will introduce background noise into the call.
    • If using a mobile phone we recommend a stationary location with high signal strength.
    • In all of these cases the mute facility helps to reduce the background noise.

If should require further assistance then please do not hesistate in contacting us by using the information here.